CHAPTER NEWS : Updated 20 February 2015

2/20/15 - Motions for German Meetings Translated motions for the JGHV and VDD meetings have been provided by Group Chairman Brandt Hardy. Please review and let your RR or the Chapter Board know your opinions.
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2/15/15 - Chapter Membership Meeting Agenda The 2015 Chapter Membership Meeting agenda is available here >>
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1/25/15 - Chapter Membership MeetingThe 2015 Chapter Membership Meeting will be held at the Cabela's in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, on Sunday, 22 February 2015, from 11:00AM to 4:00PM. There is a restaurant on-site for a snack break and dinner following the meeting. The primary goal of this meeting will be to familiarize everyone with the requirements of the new (to us) testing and reporting software that GNA will be implementing this spring. All test directors must attend, and all test coordinators and judges are encouraged to participate. All Regional Representatives should attend or arrange for a substitute or proxy. We will also float some preliminary plans for the 2016 GNA meeting, which our Chapter is hosting. Anyone who wants to put forward motions for the Chapter to consider presenting at the 2015 GNA meeting should send such proposals to the Chapter board as soon as possible, and in any case before 1 February.
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1/9/15 - Spring Tests Filling UpChapter Director of Testing Chris Jones has announced that 3 of our 4 VJP's have filled: Newville, Mifflinburg and Lyons are full and accepting standby entries. We still have openings in the Elmer test, 14/15 March. Get your entries in to reserve your slot now! Go to the VDD/GNA Official Test Calendar at the link below to enter.
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12/3/14 - Central NJ WMA dates for 2015 for VDD/GNA TD's & HZPThe following dates have been reserved for the 2015 Central NJ WMA Training Days and HZP. Nancy Bohs and Roger Smith will organize the first two, then we’ll call for volunteers for the remainder as they gets closer. New this year is that no monies will be collected except for your bird/duck payments. The HZP cannot be entered until it is announced officially on the GNA website, which likely won’t be until perhaps July. There’s no need to do anything now other than mark your calendar – formal Chapter broadcast announcements will go out a week or two prior to each training day.

19 April(Sun)Colliers MillsTD
16 May(Sat) Colliers MillsTD
20 June(Sat) Colliers MillsTD
12 July(Sun) Colliers MillsTD
1 Aug(Sat) Colliers MillsTD
16 Aug(Sun)Colliers MillsTD
29 Aug(Sat) Colliers MillsTD
6 Sept(Sun) Greenwood ForestTD
26-27 Sept(Sat-Sun) Colliers & GreenwoodHZP

11/25/14 - 2015 Spring TestsChapter Director of Testing Chris Jones has submitted our 2015 spring test schedule to VDD/GNA. As soon as they are approved, they will be posted on the VDD/GNA official test calendar. Keep checking the GNA calendar for dates, entry information and deadlines.
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10/04/14 - AC Fall NewsletterChapter Newsletter Editor Ron Figler has completed the fall edition of the AC Newsletter - a great job as usual. Thanks Ron!
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10/04/14 - Lickdale, Salt Point, and Lysander Test ResultsResults from the Lickdale, Salt Point and Lysander tests are posted here >>
Thanks to all of our judges at these tests fo all of their hard work, especially our friends from Germany, Uli Augstein and Christoph Heimes!

9/28/14 - 2014 Armbruster GettysburgResults from the Gettysburg Armbruster are posted on the VDD/GNA website - click on the link above. Photos will follow soon. The top five dogs were either bred or handled by Atlantic Chapter owners, as were the best field and water dogs, and the best-looking male and female dogs! First place dog is Adlor vom Kylltal, owned handled by Ryan Taylor of the Wild West Chapter, and bred by Flint Brann. Second place dog is Carl vom Merkel, owned and handled by Patrick VanHaverbeke and bred by Jerry Merkel. Third place and the Best Water Dog award went to Matz vom Millerhaus, owned and handled by John Simon and bred by William Miller. The Best Looking Male award went to Axel vom Kylltal, owned by Kathi Bell, and handled by Joe Bielowicz, and the Best Looking Female award went to his littermate, Anita vom Kylltal, owned and handled by Mark Fedrizzi. Our fourth and fifth place dogs are Tramp II vom Jagdkönig, owned and handled by Joe Lowry, and Dessy vom Drakehaus, owned and handled by Brian Smith. Congratulations to these folks and to all of the handlers who came out to this year's Armbruster and helped us to make it a success!

9/13/14 - Colliers Mills HZP ResultsResults from our first Chapter HZP of the year have been posted, along with a slide show from Day 1. Thank you to all of the handlers for preparing their dogs, to Test Director Bob Budin, Test Coordinator Jon Prescott, and Judges Bob Budin, Ron Figler, Gary Hodson, and Geoff Mathews.
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7/25/14 - Revised Breeding Regulations from VDDTwo changes to the VDD Breeding Regulations took effect on June 1st: the litter timing has been changed to allow a female to have one litter per calendar year, regardless of when her last litter was whelped; and, a loophole has been closed with a change in wording, to make it clear that dogs must be certified for breeding before any breedings take place, instead of simply before whelping. These changes can be found in Articles 21 and 9, respectively.
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7/11/14 - JGHV Seminar The text of the seminars given by Herr Ulrich Augstein, JGHV Vice-President, and liaison with the North American clubs, in July and November of 2013, has been posted here for easy access.
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6/29/14 - 2014 AGM Report VDD/GNA Annual Meeting report posted. This is a report from Chapter Chairman Nancy Bohs; official minutes will be published in the GNA Newsletter. Read report >>

6/15/14 - DATE CHANGE!! PA Training Day and Pre-Armbruster Evaluation Due to a permit request conflict, the June 28th York Springs training day and pre-Armbruster Evaluation has been moved to Saturday, July 5th. Please contact Fred Turjan,, to schedule your dog for a pre-Armbruster evaluation at this training day.
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5/27/14 - Pre-Armbruster Evaluation Dates We have scheduled three pre-Armbruster evaluation days, in the three major testing and training locations within the Chapter:

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5/14/14 - Lyons VJP ResultsOur New York region hosted another great VJP weekend, with 15 passing dogs over the 3-day test. Many thanks to Senior Judge Gary Hodson of Group Canada, and co-judges Fred Turjan and Ron Figler, and all of the organizers and helpers who made this test so successful!
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5/14/14 - Training Day Schedule UpdatesOur 2014 New York training day schedule for Three Rivers WMA has been finalized. Dates and contact information can be found on the Chapter Calendar.
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4/29/14 - PA Training Day Schedule UpdateOur 2014 Pennsylvania training day schedule for York Springs and Franklintown has been updated. A date has been added in July, and one date in August was changed. See Chapter Calendar for details.
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4/16/14 - Mifflinburg VJP ResultsThe Mifflinburg VJP results are posted. This was a 3-day test weekend, with Friday sponsored by JGV-USA, and the Saturday and Sunday tests sponsored by VDD/GNA. All entrants were DD handlers and members of VDD/GNA (14 are AC members) so we've reported all 3 days here. Mifflinburg is one of the best Chapter test venues for bunnies, but the first two days were quite unusual in that the rabbit tracks were hard to come by. Sunday, traditionally the day when the rabbits hole up after being pressured for a day or two, proved to be the best bunny producer. Talk about luck of the test - there is just no predicting what will be encountered! Our third VJP of the year continued our weird test weather streak this spring, with unseasonably warm conditions: temps in the 70's, and even touching 80 on Sunday! This is probably because we had a judge from the north - Marty Ryan came in from the cold in Michigan, only to bake in Pennsylvania! Many thanks to Marty, Chris Jones, and Geoff Mathews for judging all 3 days of the weekend, and to test coordinator Dwight Runkle, along with the Union Beagle Club for providing us with one of the best rabbit-tracking sites in the east. And of course, a big thank you to the handlers for training and testing their dogs. Looking forward to seeing you all in the fall!
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4/13/14 - Member Fleece Jackets and other Chapter Merchandise Available OnlineChapter-branded items can now be purchased online with a credit card through the VDD/GNA Store! Visit our merchandise page here or on the VDD/GNA website, and you may place your orders online. Thank you to Merchandise Coordinator John McIntyre, and VDD/GNA Newsletter Editor and Webmaster Sean Hicks for making this happen! We are currently putting together a fleece order with the chapter logo. You can send a check to Merchandise Coordinator John McIntyre or order through the online store. Sizes small thru XL are $50.00, 2XL is $52.00, 3XL is $53.00, and 4XL is now available for $54.00. We can also have kennel names embroidered on the right chest for $12.50 with selected fonts. Use the link below for more details or to place an order.
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4/7/14 - New Breed Show Entry Rules As of 3/31/14, new rules have been implemented which will affect whether or not dogs may be presented at VDD/GNA Breed Shows. These deal with timely adherence to fulfilling the requirements of Article 9 of the VDD Breeding Regulations.
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4/5/14 - Newville VJP ResultsThe Newville VJP results are posted. Our second VJP of the year has the distinction of enduring the worst weather conditions we've had for one of our Chapter tests, beating out the Warrior's Mark VGP snow storm in 2009, and the York Springs remnants of Hurricane Ike in 2008.  Saturday’s weather was unpleasant and rainy, but Sunday’s gave everybody a last taste of winter, with sleet, snow, and 30mph winds! Thank you to Test Director and Coordinator Fred Turjan and especially to Richard Shell, of the Southeast Hunter Chapter. He's probably still trying to get warm and dry. Chapter Judges Ray Arment, Brian Sturgill, and Fred Turjan rounded out the judging teams.  Thanks also to Purina's Terry Petro, and all of the chapter members and spectators, who came out and stayed through the horrible conditions to help drive for rabbits. Last, but not least, thank you to the handlers for testing their dogs and supporting the VDD and JGHV breeding and testing ideals!
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3/26/14 - Elmer VJP ResultsThe Elmer VJP results are posted here. Our first VJP of the year was a terrific weekend with ten successful dog and handler teams.  Saturday’s weather was a bit too warm for the dogs, and Sunday’s was a bit too cold and windy for the judges, but we finished ahead of what will hopefully prove to be the last significant snowfall of the winter! Thank you to Test Director and Senior Judge Ron Nichols, who flew up from nice, warm Florida, and to Test Coordinator Joe Lowry, who pulled it all together despite a last-minute hiccup. Chapter Judges Geoff Mathews, Roger Smith, and Nancy Bohs rounded out the judging teams.  Thanks also to all of the chapter members, family, and spectators who came out to support us and help beat the brush for bunnies. They were the best line of drivers and spotters we’ve ever had!
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3/14/14 - Now Accepting Armbruster Program AdvertisingAdvertise in the 2014 Armbruster Program! This event program will be distributed to all attendees and will be cherished as a keepsake for many years to come. We invite the support of DD enthusiasts, hunters, shooting sports advocates, and all of you who supply our needs and those of our four‐legged hunting companions.
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3/11/14 - Sign Up to Help at the Armbruster! (24-27 September 2014)Here's what you've been waiting for - a sign-up form for Armbruster volunteers! Over the last year or so, we've had offers to help out at the Armbruster from many of you, but we were not far enough along in the planning process to start compiling a list. Now is your chance to get on board. Use the link below to access a web form to indicate your availability and area of interest.
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3/2/14 - Training Days!The Chapter Calendar has been updated with 16 training days to be held in NJ and PA. Dwight Runkle is hosting the first, a pre-VJP day in March. Other contacts will be published as they are determined.
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2/22/14 - Annual Chapter MeetingOur Annual Chapter Meeting and Breed Show were held on Saturday, 8 February, at the Middletown Anglers' and Hunters' Club in Middletown PA. Our first winter meeting date was sunny and cold (15°) with snow and ice-covered grounds, making us very grateful for the indoor breed show venue - the club's pistol range! Continue reading ...

2/2/14 - Updated Chapter RosterThe Atlantic Chapter Membership Roster has been updated with the latest data entry from VDD/GNA Business Manager Jim Wion. We have 199 members, 195 of whom have provided email addresses to facilitate communication. This roster is current as of 31 January. If you recently joined the club and signed up for our Chapter email list, but don't see your name on the roster, please re-subscribe: the list was re-populated using the data from the new roster.
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1/25/14 - Chapter Meeting Agendas for 2/8/14Details for the Chapter Meeting are available in the newly published Daily and Business Meeting Agendas. RSVP to Fred Turjan,, by Monday, 2/3/14. An RSVP form can be found on the second page of the meeting announcement.
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1/18/14 - Password ChangeThe password for the members-only section of our website has been changed. Our website host is now requiring stronger passwords. The username will continue to be the same as the GNA username, but our passwords will now start with the @ symbol and have the first letter capitalized. For example, if the GNA password were to be drahthaar13, ours would be @Drahthaar13. For the current username and password, see your GNA Newsletters. You can find it on page 22 of the Fall 2013 issue.

1/14/14 - New Chapter RosterThe latest Atlantic Chapter Membership Roster is available. We have 178 members, 174 of whom have provided email addresses to facilitate communication. GNA Business Manager Jim Wion cautions that it could be missing a few new members as yet; if you recently joined the club and signed up for our Chapter email list, but don't see your name on the roster, please re-subscribe: the list was re-populated using the data from the new roster.
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1/11/14 - Motions to be Considered at Chapter MeetingOur membership meeting, scheduled for 8 February in Middletown PA, is rapidly approaching. Several members have advanced proposals for both GNA and the Atlantic Chapter. They will be voted on during the meeting; if approved, those intended for GNA will be forwarded to the GNA Business Manager for consideration at the AGM, while those intended for the Chapter will be implemented after the meeting on the chapter level. Your Regional Representative will be contacting you to see how you feel about these motions. If you are going to be attending the meeting, you may vote as an individual or allow your vote to be included in the block vote cast by your rep.
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12/21/13 - Bow Raffle ResultsOur fall fund-raiser is now completed! The winner of the bow package from Lancaster Archery is Bill Hanrahan. There were 321 tickets sold and the total profit to the chapter is $644.05! Thanks go out to all who bought and sold tickets, and especially to Joe Lowry, Lancaster Archery, and our Chapter Merchandise Coordinator John McIntyre and his wife Lorraine.

12/21/13 -Lyons NY VJP Full The Lyons VJP is now full and accepting stand-by entries. Any members who are still looking for a VJP opening should contact Chapter Director of Testing Chris Jones ASAP:

12/15/13 - 2014 Chapter Meeting and BreedshowThe Atlantic Chapter Membership Meeting and Breedshow event has been scheduled for Saturday, 8 February 2014. It will be held in Middletown PA, at the Middletown Anglers' and Hunters' club facility at 1350 Schoolhouse Road, Middletown PA 17057: More details to follow. Our thanks to Chapter Breedwarden Fred Turjan for securing this venue - we had 3 other proposals for hosting, but none could accommodate a February breedshow!

Proposed motions, both for the Chapter and for the Chapter membership to consider presenting to VDD/GNA, must be submitted in writing to Business Manager Ana Barrios Sosa prior to 31 December:

Owners of breedshow entrants should mail in their completed applications to Nancy Bohs, 433 Stokes Road, Shamong NJ 08088, as soon as possible. Here is a link to the entry form on the VDD/GNA website. If you get lost, you can find it again in the Members section, on the Breeders tab, and then in the For Breeders item: Breedshow Entry Form.

12/15/13 - Test Openings Available in Lyons NY VJP, Elmer Test Full The Elmer VJP is now full and accepting stand-by entries. We still have openings in the Lyons test. If you have a pup to test, send in your entry without delay.
Instructions for entering can be found here:

12/9/13 - Chapter Tests Filling Up Chapter Director of Testing Chris Jones has announced that the Mifflinburg and Newville VJP's are full. We still have openings at Elmer and Lyons. If you have a pup to test, send in your entry without delay.
Instructions for entering can be found here:

11/29/13 - Attention Pennsylvania Members! Recent developments in Harrisburg make it urgent that you email or call the Senate Game and Fisheries Committee Members immediately. Chairman Alloway is considering putting HB451, our Blood Tracking Bill, on the agenda for passage next Wednesday, December 4th, but it will only happen if the other committee members express their support for HB451 to Chairman Alloway in advance. That's why you need to contact all committee members right now and ask them to support HB451 and request it be put on the agenda. Contact Details >>

11/27/13 - Spring 2014 Test Schedule Announced The Chapter's 2014 VJP's have been approved and are now posted in VDD/GNA's official test calendar:
Instructions for entering can be found at this link:

11/10/13 - Atlantic Chapter Handler Takes 2nd Place at ArmbrusterCongratulations to Joe Bielowicz for handling Rex II vom Jagdkönig to 2nd place in last weekend's Armbruster! Rex was awarded a 12 for his water work, and scored 192 HZP points, for 201.5 Armbruster points when his conformation and coat ratings were factored in. Joe did a fantastic job training and handling Rex, for this well-deserved honor.
Honorable mention also goes to Joe Lowry and Elizabeth Schell: Joe placed 6th with his Allie vom Cohansey (199 Armbruster points) and Allie was awarded the prize for the Best Field Dog; Elizabeth and Rachel II vom Jagdköning earned 189 Armbruster points and "Runa" was awarded the title of Best-Looking Female.
Other chapter members attending the Armbruster were Ana Barrios-Sosa, Nancy Bohs, and Geoff Mathews as judges, Josh Zigler as a judge-candidate; Keith Caro, Roger Smith and Fred Turjan as handlers; and Johnathan Pearson. Everyone did a fantastic job representing our chapter!
For complete results and photos, visit the 2013 Armbruster results page at

11/10/13 - Bow Raffle Drawing and SocialOn November 30th, we will be holding the compound bow raffle drawing and would like to get a feel for how many of you would attend a social gathering in the Bordentown NJ area. We would also like to discuss the upcoming training season for the Colliers Mills attendees. Please get back to Mac ASAP, and no later than Nov. 20th, so that he can arrange a place to meet. This would be an evening event. Contact John "Mac" McIntyre at to RSVP.

11/10/13 - Message from former Chapter Chair Nick StarikaThis video from Boone and Crocket is the single best explanation for the absolute need of our common passion - ethical hunting as a means of conservation.  If you have the time, I encourage you to watch the video through its end.  The tenets presented in this video match closely with the foundational purpose of our breed. - Nick

10/12/13 - Salt Point HZP and VGP ResultsThe test results for the Salt Point test weekend are posted. Thank you to Test Coordinator and Test Dircetor Hans Klein, and judges Fred Turjan and Chris Jones. Congratulations to our Salt Point HZP handlers: it was one of only two Chapter HZP test days (out of six) with a 100% success rate!

10/9/13 - Lickdale and Whiting Test ResultsThe test results from the Lickdale and Whiting HZP's, and the Lickdale VGP are posted. Thank you to Test Coordinators Josh Zigler and Roger Smith, Test Directors Hank McCracken and Nancy Bohs, and to Judges Jim Wion, Geoff Mathews, Nick Starika, Brian Sturgill, Ron Figler, and Hank McCracken. Congratulations to all of our handlers for training your dogs and presenting them in support of our breeding system. Regardless of your results on test day, you will have a reliable hunting companion for years to come.

9/26/13 - Hegewald from an Observer's Perspective by Don AmboyerThis article is written for the average GNA member who may have tested through VJP and HZP but wonders what the Hegewald test is all about. Maybe you even have aspirations of taking a long, expensive journey to run that special dog in this prestigious test. That aspiration is why I attended the 2013 Hegewald in Großefehn, Germany. My intent is to share what I learned so more GNA members will participate and arrive knowledgeable about the test conditions. A few words about me: I am neither a judge nor breeder and don’t have intentions to do either. I value this club because of the breeding regulations and balanced testing system that produced a great hunting dog for me. Handlers with more experience and judges would undoubtedly have seen more nuances in the tests and dog work than I did. Event Preparation and Organization - Hegewald is truly a special event. The sheer number of Drahthaar owners, breeders, handlers and judges gathered for these dogs is remarkable. Besides Germans and Americans I met people that traveled from across Europe including Austrians, Dutch, Greeks, Italians, Serbs and Ukrainians. Read more >>

9/26/13 - Bow raffle Tickets still available for the raffle of a complete Hoyt bow package with a retail value of $800.00. Lancaster Archery in Lancaster Pa. has very generously made this raffle possible. The package includes:
Hoyt Charger compound bow
QAD fall away rest
Tru Glo carbon site
Tru Glo carbon quiver
Trophy Ridge stabilizer and sling
1/2 doz Easton Storm arrows
G5 peep sight and string loop

The winner of the raffle will be notified the same day as the raffle. The winner will received a voucher for the amount of the package - you may substitute items or put together your own shopping list at Lancaster Archery. There are only 500 tickets available: $5 per ticket, or 5 for $20. So the odds are pretty good. If each purchaser buys 5 tickets, there will only be 100 people in the raffle. The tickets are booked in 5 tickets per book. You may contact Chapter Merchandise Coordinator John MacIntyre by email at to order tickets. The drawing will be held on November 30th at a location to be announced.

9/25/13 - Atlantic Chapter Member Places 4th in HegewaldAtlantic Chapter member Jonathan Prescott and his dog Olaf III v. Böckenhagen placed 4th at the Hegewald. This international, invitational test is open only to the dogs meeting minimum requirements: 65 points at VJP, with at least 9 points in nose, search and tracking; and, at least "good" in conformation and coat. The dogs have to be pre-certified by their sponsoring groups, with a full water test judged by 3 Association Judges, and a conformation and coat evaluation by Group breed judges. This year's Hegewald was held from 18-21 September in Großefehn-Ulbargen, Germany, and hosted by VDD Group Ostfriesland/Nordoldenburg. There were 212 dogs entered and 201 tested. Of these, 180 passed, with 172 of the passing dogs meeting Hegewald requirements. (The other eight dogs received credit for passing HZP only.) Jon and Olaf's performance was fabulous, with Olaf receiving 12's in nose and hare track, and 11's in all other natural ability categories, along with straight 10's in the training subjects. Olaf was rated Very Good in both conformation and coat, and was awarded 11 points in conformation and 10 points for coat. Olaf's final score was 232 performance points, and 242.5 Hegewald points (his score, plus breed show average points). Hats off and "Waidsmannheil" to Jon!

9/20/13 - Lysander HZP ResultsComplete test results from Lysander are available here >>
A big thank you to Test Director and Judge Ron Figler, who has worked so hard to put this test together - congratulations for another successful test for Lysander, year two! More thanks are due to our co-judges, Todd Seiler, who came in from Ohio, and our own Geoff Mathews who drove over from Massuchusetts, as well as Jerry Merkel, who stepped in as an emergency conflict judge. Congratulations are also due to all of our Lysander HZP handlers, no matter the test day results - you've done a terrific job training your dogs to this point and will have a reliable hunting companion for years to come.

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