2014 Chapter Meeting Report

Our Annual Chapter Meeting and Breed Show were held on Saturday, 8 February, at the Middletown Anglers' and Hunters' Club in Middletown PA. Our first winter meeting date was sunny and cold (15°) with snow and ice-covered grounds, making us very grateful for the indoor breed show venue - the club's pistol range! As you might remember, we had two other offers for meeting locations in NY and VA, but neither could accommodate an indoor breed show. Despite the storms of the preceding week, meeting attendance was very good, with 32 members and a dozen or so guests present. We were especially fortunate to have special guest Jim Wion, who is the VDD/GNA Business Manager, and who served as our out-of chapter Breed Show Judge.

We evaluated seven breed show dogs, recommending six for inclusion in the Breed Register, and the seventh for breeding certification. During this time, members continued to arrive for the meeting and to participate in trap shooting. We did not host a formal dinner this year, but instead took advantage of the club kitchen and bar to allow members to order what they wanted, whenever they wanted it. Before the meeting was officially called to order, we held our fund-raising auction. The biggest draw of the event was the magnificent pheasant print donated by Ed Williams Photography, which went for $250. An additional $370 came from the other donated items. Thank you donors and buyers!!!

The membership meeting lasted a little over three hours. It was very much a town-hall style debate, with a lot of participation and exchange. The three motions to modify the Chapter's Operations Protocol passed, as did four of the motions for the GNA Meeting: those to establish a GNA mileage reimbursement, require hunting licenses for new members, standardize the publication of infractions against the VDD Breeding Regulations and By-Laws, and prohibit out-of-group judges who violate the JGHV-only rule from judging GNA tests.

Chapter financials show us well-funded, with a balance of $3749, and all 2014 permits paid. The bow raffle put together by Joe Lowry and Mac McIntyre was our first fund-raiser of this fiscal year (9/1/13-8/31/14) and netted us$650.

Preliminary Armbruster planning is well underway, and further details were worked out at the meeting: Matt Ptak will coordinate our prize table efforts, and will work closely with Merchandising Coordinator John McIntyre, who will be in charge of chapter merchandise sales.
Brian Sturgill will handle registrations and meals.
Roger Totton will be our game bird and drag game coordinator.
Johnathan Pearson is going to design our Armbruster web page.

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