2016 Fall Tests, continued

The Atlantic Chapter's fall testing season is complete with a record number of HZP tests and entries - 5 HZP's with 54 dogs. Six dogs were tested more than once, and seven slots were unfilled. The success rate was 78%, with 42 passing performances out of 54. Scores ranged from 163 to 192, and the failures were all retrieve or drag track related. We also hosted 2 VGP's, with 3 dogs tested in each, and 5 of the 6 passing. This test season saw us hosting a record number of tests on the same weekend - 3, and a record number of out-of-chapter judges - 12.

We'd also like to thank all of the hard-working people who made these tests possible:
Test Directors and Coordinators: Chris Jones, Dwight Runkle, Fred Turjan, Ron Figler, Flint Brann, Joe Guidos, Johnathan Pearson, Elizabeth Pearson, Nancy Bohs, Roger Smith, Ron Nichols, Joe Lowry, and Brian Smith.
Chapter Judges: Chris Jones, Kevin Snelbaker, Fred Turjan, Nancy Bohs, Ron Figler, Geoff Mathews, and Johnathan Pearson.
Helpers and Field Marshals: Jim Hepler, Bryan Mayne, Steve Hockenberry, William Miller, Mark and Diane Fedrizzi, Joe Bielowicz, Jim Abraham, Jacen Dallas, George Scheuermann, John Simon, Ken Lepley, Bill Hanrahan, and Dennis O'Neill. (My apologies if this list is incomplete.)
Out-of-Chapter/Out-of-Group Judges: Francois Aldrich, Jim Wion, Russ Morrison, Shane Deford, Mike Fortner, Allen Davis, Hank McCracken, Ron Nichols, Scott Crabtree, Joe Kelly, Jerry Kellogg, and Josh Stephens.