Carlisle VJP 2010

Thanks to photographers Roger Smith, Bill Sands, and Fred Turjan, Test Coordinator Chris Jones for organizing the test, and the Weary Farm owners for the terrific grounds. And of course, our judges, Test Director Bob Secoura (NC), Kevin Snelbaker (PA), Rhonda Feazel (IL), and Scott Shirey (PA), as well as our intrepid ATV driver and rabbit beater Dan Myshin.

Saturday Handlers
Saturday's handlers, L to R: Roger Smith with Talei III vom Altmoor, Fred Turjan with Quilla vom Fuchsfluesschen,
Steve Slyfield with Storm III vom Altmoor, Joe Lowry with Uschi III vom Altmoor, P.J. Murphy with Daisy vom Sendero

Sunday Handlers
Sunday's judges and handlers:
Standing L to R - VR & TD Bob Secoura, VR Scott Shirey, VR Rhonda Feazel, VRAnW Ana Barrios Sosa,
VRAnW & TC Chris Jones, VRAnW Brian Sturgill
Kneeling L to R - Ray Arment with Dixie vom Flusshügel, Doug Summers with Petra vom Fuchsfluesschen, Gerald Merkel
with Alela vom Seeblick, Douglas Werth with Panja vom Fuchsfluesschen, Jonathan Wirth with Sora III vom Altmoor

Joe Lowry and Uschi III vom Altmoor - "Greta"

Steve Slyfield and Storm III vom Altmoor

Fred Turjan and Quilla vom Fuchsfluesschen

P.J. Murphy and Daisy vom Sendero

Roger Smith and Talei III vom Altmoor

Douglas Werth and Panja vom Fuchsfluesschen

Doug Summers and Petra vom Fuchsfluesschen

Jerry Merkel and Alela vom Seeblick

Jonathan Wirth and Sora III vom Altmoor

Ray Arment and Dixie vom Flusshügel

Douglas Werth's Panja vom Fuchsfluesschen

Jerry Merkel's Alela vom Seeblick

Dan Myshin ferries the judging team

Left to right, Dan Myshin (in ATV), Judge Kevin Snelbaker, Judge Candidate Ana Barrios Sosa,
Judge Candidate/Test Coordinator Chris Jones

In the pub doing paperwork, clockwise from foreground: VRAnW Ana Barrios Sosa (SC) in orange, VR Rhonda Feazel (IL),
VR Kevin Snelbaker (PA), VRAnW Steve Boren (NC), VR and Test Director Bob Secoura (NC)

Sunday judges, L to R: Bob Secoura, Scott Shirey, Rhonda Feazel, with judge candidates, Ana Barrois Sosa, Chris
Jones, and Brian Sturgill