Elmer VJP 2010

With many thanks: to our judges, Bob Secoura and Geoff Mathews who judged all three days, as well as judges Scott Shirey, Nancy Bohs, and Ray Arment; bird wranglers Roger Smith, Russ Bardenhagen, and Bob Wasylyk; John and Cheryl at Game Creek Farms for the lovely field areas; Ken Straub of the Del-Sea Beagle Club for Friday's bunnies, and to Joe Lowry for the excellent rabbit areas on Saturday and Sunday.

Friday's handlers during a break in the rabbit drive: Tim Baumgartner with Dargo vom Millerhaus, Willliam Miller with
Cassie vom Millerhaus, Ron Vakay with Alexia v. Argos, Steve Babine with Fiana vom Gottesacker, and Leonard Horsford
with Lonna vom Büffeltaler

Sunday Handlers
Ron Vakay and Steve Babine watching field search on Friday

Friday judges Geoff Mathews, Bob Secoura, and Scott Shirey

Friday helpers Joe Lowry, Nancy Bohs, and Russ Bardenhagen

Friday's judges doing papework, and very happy about it, too!

A point during the field work

Steve Babine and Fiana coming back to the gallery after the field work

Saturday judges and handler Bill Sands in the field

Saturday, watching a dog on point

Sunday judges and handlers:
Judges standing, Bob Secoura, Ray Arment, Geoff Mathews
Handlers Bill Steinling with Kane vom Herbstwind, John Finkledie with Rose vom Fuchsfluesschen, and
Steve Boren with Fritzi v.d Burg Wettin and Ava vom Maple Run

Sunday bird wranglers Russ Bardenhagen and Bob Wasylyk