Elmer VJP 2011

Thanks to:

Judges Nancy Bohs, Nick Starika, Kevin Snelbaker, Scott Shirey, Ana Barrios Sosa; Test Director Roger Smith; Test Coordinators Joe Lowry and Nancy Bohs; Joe Lowry for the use of his grounds, DelSea Beagle Club for the use of their grounds, John "Mac" McIntyre for bird wrangling assistance; and to all of the family, friends and spectators who leant a hand (and stick and foot) with the rabbit drives.

Except for the heat on Friday, great weather and terrific conditions - a scorable track for every ten minutes of driving throughout the weekend, with every dog getting three to five tracking opportunities, resulting in seven of the ten dogs receiving loud notes, and six dogs breaking the 70 point mark.

Jeannie and Jack Bergin with Jack's dog, Wolf III vom Altmoor and Joe Lowry.

Nancy Bohs with Wendy III vom Altmoor.

This rabbit was flushed by the drive and circled out and around, coming to a halt in front of Test Director Roger Smith.
It was successfully worked by John McIntyre's dog "Nike" (Bristol v. Argos).

Bob Capuano with his dog Jocke vom Eisbärteich, call name "Jack".

Kurt Deery with Samm vom Fuchsfluesschen.

At the start of Sunday's rabbit drive.

Corey Goodrich with Archer vom Totton.

Ronald Hanson with Furia vom Sendero, call name "Ava".

Friday's judges: Nancy Bohs, Ana Barrios Sosa, and Scott Shirey

John "Mac" McIntyre, with Bristol v. Argos, call name "Nike".

Johnathan Pearson with Eddy vom Millerhaus, call name "Eli".

Field work and pointing on Sunday - George Teter and Serena vom Elderbach

Test Director Roger Smith with Saturday and Sunday judges Kevin Snelbaker, Ana Barrios Sosa, Nick Starika, and
gunner Joe Lowry.

Geroge Teter with Serena vom Elderbach

Jonathan Wirth with Waneta III vom Altmoor