Shamong HZP 2011

Here are a few representative photos from the test weekend. Sorry, but we don't have any at all from Friday.

Jack Bergin, age 77, with Wolf III vom Altmoor


John McIntyre with "Nike" - Bristol v. Argos - after the furred game drag

Rob King with Eiko vom Flusshügel on the feathered game drag

Bob Capuano with "Jack" - Jocke vom Eisbärteich - after their feathered game drag

Duck search area - Test Director/Coordinator/Field Marshal Roger Smith after releasing a duck

Nike returning to Mac with her duck

Saturday's gang: Bob Capuano, Ron Hanson, Rob King, Jack Bergin, Don Amboyer, Jeannie Ludlow Bergin, Mac McIntyre,
Chase McIntyre, Jim Brown, Lorena McIntyre

Sunday handlers George Teta with Serena vom Elderbach and
Kevin Long with Brie v. Argos

Judge transport - in the utility trailer with the game, coolers, and motorcycle

Judges Bob Secoura, Geoff Mathews, and Chris Jones, with Test Director Roger Smith