York Springs HZP 2010 | 10-12 September 2010

Here are pictures from Friday (and one from Saturday), with thanks to handler Roger Smith. Photos from the other test days will be posted when submitted.

Friday's judging team, L to R: Chris Jones, Scott Shirey, Nick Starika

Judge Candidate
Judge Candidate Brian Sturgill

Daisy vom Sendero
P.J. Murphy and Daisy vom Sendero

Uschi III vom Altmoor
Joe Lowry and Uschi III vom Altmoor - "Greta"

Ralle vom Fuchsfluesschen
Dan Myshin and Ralle vom Fuchsfluesschen

Storm III vom Altmoor
Steve Slyfield and Storm III vom Altmoor

Drag start
Sly and Storm at the start of the rabbit drag, getting the line from Nick while Brian looks on

Talei III vom Altmoor
Roger Smith and Talei III vom Altmoor

Drag field
A view of the rabbit drag field

P.J. and Daisy waiting their turn

Quilla vom Fuchsfluesschen
Fred Turjan and Quilla vom Fuchsfluesschen