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Click on the text links below to open photo pages. The pictures are fairly large, and if you're on a dial-up connection, may take a few seconds to load - the thought being that they'll be more enjoyable this way and people won't mind a bit of loading time.

If you have some photos of chapter events, dogs, puppies, or hunting action that you'd like to share, email them to They should be pre-formatted to 640 x 480 pixels, and for chapter events should be submitted by midnight of the Tuesday following the event. Include some identifying information suitable for use as a caption, and for events also include date and location, as well as who hosted and organized it.

Salt Point HZP/VGP 2012
Colliers Mills HZP 2012
Lickdale VGP 2012
Lickdale HZP 2012
Lyons VJP 2012
Elmer VJP 2012
Shamong HZP 2011
Elmer VJP 2011
Rochester Sportsman's Expo 2011
York Springs HZP 2010
Carlisle VJP 2010
Elmer VJP 2010
Carlisle VJP 2009
Woodstown VJP 2009
Woodstown VJP 2009
Colliers Mills HZP 2008
Carlisle VJP 2008
York Springs Training Day 07/26/08
Carlisle Breed Show and Meeting 2008
Mifflinburg VJP 2008
Woodstown VJP 2008
Carlisle VJP 2008
Mifflinburg Mock VJP and Training Day
Warrior's Mark VGP & Btr 2007
Franklintown HZP 2007
Mifflinburg Training Day 2007
Carlisle VJP 2007
Woodstown VJP 2007
Mifflinburg VJP 2007
2007 Chapter Meeting (Training and Pre-Armbruster, Breed Show, Meeting, Seminar
Hunting with DD's
Dogs - Non-Hunting Pics


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