January 2019 Update

Atlantic Chapter Members, as our hunting season is winding down. We will be moving into our testing and training season. So I thought I would send out an update to keep you informed of important upcoming events. On January 11th the AC board received notice from Ana Barros-Sosa. That she would no longer be acting as the Business manager for the Atlantic Chapter. Ana has had a job change and has relocated to North Carolina. I would like to take this chance to wish Ana good luck in her future endeavors.

I have appointed Brian Sturgill as interim business manager. He will hold this seat until the chapter meeting. At which time we will have an election to fill that slot for the duration of this board. If anyone is interested in running for business manager. Please send me a short biography so it can posted to the website. Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the meeting. We have two members that have sent in resumes. And would like to run for the chairman position. Their resumes will be posted to the website at the end of the month. If anyone else is interested in this position please send in your resume ASAP.

Chris Monyok has agreed to manage the chapter website. We have posted the NJ training days and contact information to the website. You should start to see more information on the site as I am able to get it to Chris.

If anyone has any motions they would like to present. Please send them in writing to me by 2/15. This will give me a little time post them to the website before the meeting. So the chapter can study them.

As for our breedshow on March 2nd. It appears that it will be a very well attended! I have eleven entries in hand and several more are in route. For everyone attending the breedshow, and staying over for the meeting the next day. The preferred hotel is La Quinta inns & Suites, 990 Eisenhower BLVD, Harrisburg, Pa 17111 PH (717) 939-8000. Anyone attending the breedshow, or anyone that will be in town for the meeting. We are trying to put together a dinner Saturday evening. If you would like to join us please let me know, so we can get a head count.

The Armbruster plans are moving along. Brian Sturgill has volunteered to be our in chapter program coordinator. This means he will be solicting members and business's with in our chapter to buy advertising in our Armbruster program. Kathleen Gannon of the Great lakes chapter will be working on the rest of the chapters in GNA. Kathleen and Brian will be coordinating on this project and may be looking for additional volunteers. If you have some ideas or are interested in helping, give Brian a call.

I hope you have had good hunting season, and I hope I see you all at the meeting.